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We provide consultation and advise global brands and factories on strategy, distribution, network, sales, advertising, marketing and other required areas of the automotive parts business in Asia. We endeavour to play an active role in the growth, consolidation and development of the Asian automotive parts industry.

Since our foundation in 1919 by Mr. Georg Grotjahn, our company established an extensive knowledge of the industry by growing together with the market developments since the start of the automotive industries in Asia.

It is our objective to source and work with reliable and trustworthy partners and networks. This provides security and ensure results for the brands we represent and the customers.

Our assets are our in-depth personal knowledge, relationships with all the key players in the countries and the understanding of the different disciplines and demands required by the different customs in the diverse and complex Asian markets.

The keys to business in Asia are relationship, trust and culture. We are glad to have extensive and good relationship networks throughout Asia. Our German heritage coupled with our Asian connections helped to navigate cultures and proves to be a valuable benefit.

Our office is centrally located in Singapore, ensuring convenient access to all Asian markets. Economic and political stability in Singapore is also essential to manage business risk.

About us

  • Know-how in Asia for more than 3 decades
  • Professional handling even with sophisticated export transactions
  • Intense market penetration with strongest and largest networks.
  • Established and trusted relationships throughout Asia.
  • Continuous and transparent reporting
  • Ability to mobilize and organize localized trainings, marketing events and technical seminars.
  • Specific advertising and online media connections to target Asian markets.


As a professional company that is providing consultation and representing renowned Global automobile industry suppliers, we endeavour to assist in the distributing of reputable and reliable products from our suppliers to reach the most suitable network for their demands in Asia.

We seek to provide realistic and reliable information to our customers, so that informed business decisions in the automotive industry can be made in confidence and trust.

We bring value to our suppliers and customers by offering leverage of our long-term relationships with suppliers and all key players in the markets so that trust is quickly established. This is critical for all good business foundation.