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BILSTEIN, a name that has been synonymous with top performance in suspension technology for over fifty years. An achievement that is backed up by numerous national and international motor sports successes with BILSTEIN products and the many ’Best Brand’ awards conferred by the media. It also includes the trust demonstrated by the world’s most prestigious car marques that rely on the innovation and quality of BILSTEIN suspensions when developing their OEM equipment. This has enabled BILSTEIN to offer custom-designed shock absorbers and suspension systems for many cars produced over recent decades - whether for repairs that reflect the vehicle’s current value, for chassis optimisation or for ambitious motor sports.

But true BILSTEIN driving experience is something you will only fully appreciate in all its diversity when you first drive with BILSTEIN products.

Utilising cutting-edge brake technology, Textar brakes are precision engineered to offer maximum safety, performance and comfort. This uncompromising approach has been the very ethos of Textar for more than 100 years. And it’s the reason why Textar remains a trusted partner to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers today.


Times and automotive technology may have changed and evolved through the generations but Mintex‘s commitment to safe braking has stood firm since 1908. Today, Mintex products are fitted on millions of cars across the world. From Superminis to SUVs, Mintex is the name behind the brakes keeping families and motorsport champions safe every day.

DON has been at the forefront of brake friction technology for over 100 years. With a reputation for uncompromising quality and reliability, DON has retained its position as a strong market player in developing and supplying braking solutions for commercial vehicles, buses and coaches. DON brand represents excellent value for money, whilst never compromising on safety – a product fit for purpose for fleet operators and workshops worldwide.

The development and production of pistons and engine components is part of the traditional core business of MAHLE.

Whether it is diesel or gasoline engines, passenger cars or commercial vehicles, small or stationary engines – we can help you. Our comprehensive range includes everything you will need for repair and maintenance, such as ready-to-install pistons and assemblies in standard and oversized dimensions, cylinder liners for all internal combustion engines, complete piston ring sets, bearings and valves.
  Mahle Filter

MAHLE recognized early how important optimally functioning filters are for the circulation of engine air and fluids. After all, efficient combustion requires good filtration—regardless of whether oil, fuel or intake air has to be cleaned. And because people stay healthy only when they breathe clean air, cabin air filters are another important part of our program.

Mahle Izumi

MAHLE's presence in Japan was first established in 1968 through a technical collaboration with piston-specialist Izumi Industries. The commitment to the Japanese market has been further reinforce through gradual financial investments and later full acquisition of filtration-specialist Tennex Corporation in 2002 and of Izumi Industries in 2003. With a firmly-established base in Japan, MAHLE has continued to expand its network in other parts of Asia to serve the diversified needs of its customers. This network of operations includes production facilities and R&D centers. These strategically-located production facilities have enabled MAHLE to deliver quality products for both local operations and export. More importantly, the R&D centers in Asia, including two in Japan and one in Shanghai, deliver state-of-the arts engineering solutions tailored to meet customer specifications and local market needs.